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Eclectic Potpourri

Discovery is the reward for succumbing to a child's curiosity. Whether we look down deep into the oceans or explore far out into space, or just roam around the surface of our planet, there is much opportunity for us to see, to hear, to enjoy, and to be entertained: observe, speculate, critique, hypothesize, and dream.

Diversity of Ideas Drives Discovery

Times Square, NYC "Crossroads of the World":  the confluence of three broad avenues, 42nd Street, Seventh Avenue, and Broadway in New York City forms a singular icon of diversity and vitality. … "I love NY"  (Photo: Wikipedia)

New York City is perhaps the most unique among the great cities of the world by virtue of its diversity. NYC is global home to several major services: banking, finance, advertising, broadcasting, news-gathering organizations, and fine-art auction houses. The Big Apple also hosts more museums per square kilometer than just about any other city in the world. An abundance of musical and theatrical performances of many genres, moviemaking, and tourism all add character to this unique city.

In the "Big Apple", coined by jazz musicians in the 1920s, one can find an overwhelming spectrum of ideas, a myriad array of merchandise, a glut of entertainment, an inconceivable variety of food, innumerable pedestrians from every corner of the world, and whatever else anyone can dream about or covet. New York City is a place where the seedy can find the worst that life has to offer and the virtuous among us can find the very best that life has to offer. … "I love NY"

Travel around the world on the Number 7 subway line that runs from Times Square, the epicenter of a vast, sprawling New York City, to the outskirts of the city.  At each subway stop along the way, an immigrant community has made a "new" home in the city of New York. In the neighborhood of almost every subway stop, a transplanted community from one or another country exists. We could say that each stop is a different country, where "local" ethnicity brandishes food, drink, language, and quite often clothing in the style of the old country; we are avoiding the word "home" country, because for many immigrants, this is their new home …, but that is America.

to be continued